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 We devote our time to the spread of the "Reggae" "Dancehall" "Soca" "Calypso" Roots" "Culture" "Ska" "Reggaeton" Salsa" "Latin Pop" and "Bomba" Genres 

We Don’t Own The Copyrights To The Music Played Here, Music For Promotional Purposes Only.

Wednesday, October 9, 2019


When producing and making beats many producers follow some old school recording habits to get their music up and running and end up running up their electricity bills to the max. Many are stuck with the expensive equipment and software which is not helping with production. So I know my recommendations might worth something.

I've been producing and making beats for many years and been using mostly the same software for the projects.

Learning about bit-rates and BPMs are very easy but can be quite complicated for some one that know nothing about them.. They are many math rules and sequences that we learned in school that will help us understand these processes. Once you understand how music is produced and converted for different tasks you will be able to use any programs or hardware you get your hands on when you are ready to make music.

I'll try to give you some lessons and examples later on in the article.

For many years I've used Acoustic Mp3 Mixer to do all of my mixes, cutting, fading, panning and tracking. I purchased this software a good few years ago and even tho they released a newer version of it called Mixcraft I never really got adjusted to is until it was time to use new features it had.

Now I'll use them both if I need to, but for the business, I'm in and for what I do on a daily basis Acoutica Audio Mp3 Mixer is good enough for me.


Everyone thats into recording music know some of the basic concepts that drive music and music's compatibility.  When recording for home or just for fun any bitrate will be fine as long as you can hear the music playing at its regular capacity. 


Music is often recorded in the Wav format at first in most programs. This is the format that many facilities or plants will need in order to fully produce your media or submissions. Some times it's better to request these files when you go to the studio or when you are recording. 

I won't be just speaking on MP3 Audio mixer because thats the one I use, I'll tell you a few that I know of that can pass as basic programs for basic sound recording.

  1. Acoustica MP3 Mixer
  2. Mixcraft
  3. Audicity
  4. Goldwave
  5. Wav Pad

These programs will take your audio directly into the computer and let you save it, chop it and edit it.

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  We Don’t Own The Copyrights To The Music Played Here,  Music For Promotional Purposes Only.  Thank you for tuning in to Up Life Radio Inte...